New technical whitepaper! Harsh military environments demand tough solutions

Camarillo, November 3, 2022

The new ODU technical white paper focuses on the necessity of rugged connector solutions capable of meeting the rigorous tolerance standards for temperature, weather, ingression, vibration and shock extremes for harsh environment military applications.

There are few environments that come anywhere close to the harsh conditions of a wartime battlefield. Military equipment must be able to survive extremes of temperature, weather, vibration and shock rarely encountered in commercial applications. Key pieces of that equipment are the cables that interconnect the various devices mounted in military vehicles and on the soldiers themselves, together fulfilling applications such as short- and long-range communications, vehicle guidance and control, weapons control, and threat detection. Failure of any component in these systems could result in exposure to the enemy and the resulting death of soldiers.

To help ensure that cables and connectors are not potential points of failure, ODU recently introduced its ODU AMC® Series T connectors, specifically designed for military and rugged applications.