ODU: New high-voltage module combines flexibility and safety

Mühldorf am Inn, November 06, 2023

Connector manufacturer ODU expands its proven ODU-MAC® Blue-Line portfolio: A new 6 contacts high-voltage module will be available soon. It combines a compact size with convincing performance. Up to 1500 V can be transmitted per contact. And all this with a small space requirement of only 2 units for 6 contacts.

User protection

The protection of the user was at the forefront of the development and is guaranteed by the contact protection on the socket side. A flexible termination cross-section of 0.14mm² to 1.5mm² offers variability and allows an optimal match to the respective strand.

Wide range of applications

The module qualifies for use in medical applications, such as aesthetic lasers. But that's not all: From battery tests to the mass interconnect interface, the module proves to be versatile.

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