Technological Advancement for Medical Applications - ODU MEDI-SNAP® High Voltage

Mühldorf am Inn, September 21, 2023

Technological innovations play a decisive role in the constant advancement of medical progress. They make it possible to perform medical procedures more efficiently, more precisely, more gently and thus more patient-friendly. ODU presents new high-voltage connectors as part of the MEDI-SNAP® portfolio to support the challenges of leading-edge medical applications in the field of power and signal transmission.

Transmission of high pulse and continuous voltages together with simultaneous provision of high pulse currents and sensitive signals in a compact design

ODU MEDI-SNAP® High Voltage connectors are characterized by their functionality and versatility. Under the apt motto "the perfect connection", ODU has created a complete package that builds on the proven MEDI-SNAP® connector and at the same time has the ability to transmit high voltages. Both pure high-voltage connectors and combinations of higher voltages (up to 5kV peak voltage) together with signals in a hybrid configuration are possible. These are combined in a robust and reliable design. The connectors are autoclavable. If the cable and the entire cable assembly are designed accordingly, then this enables continued re-use in sterile medical environments and thus ensures the highest hygiene standards. Of course, other sterilisation methods commonly used in the medical field are also possible.

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